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Monday, December 24, 2018

The Social TV App Telfie Is Shutting Down

after getglue and tvtag shutdown, social tv app telfie will be shutdown starting 1 january 2019. so sad to hear that the telfie app was once famous in indonesia to unlock virtual sticker and also the user can redeem physical sticker from 2015. telfie is a social tv app reincarnation from getglue and tvtag and pcholic always make a article about how to unlock their virtual stickers.

telfie announce  the checking out information in the website and medium. the reasons why telfie shutdown as stefan said in medium is "telfie is checking out — for now. after millions of check ins, we are checking out. as a platform launched by the fans and for the fans, without any investors, we simply do not have the resources to continue in 2019".

for all user only can unlock new sticker until 20 december 2018 and still order physical sticker until 31 december 2018. don't forget to download your virtual sticker until 31 december only in "download and save their collected stickers". 

big thank for all telfie team and all telfieid community.... 

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