Friday, August 30, 2013

New Untappd Badge: Atlas Brew Works (Premiere Week)

Name: Atlas Brew Works 


How To Unlock: 
- Active during Atlas Brew Works launch week (September 2nd - 9th, 2013). 
- Check-in any Atlas Brew Works beer at one of the following participating locations. 
- Add location to your checkin (list below) 

Venue List: 

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New Untappd Badge: Raleigh Beer Week (2013)

Name: Raleigh Beer Week (2013) 

"Congratulations Raleigh Beer Weeker! Drinking great beer is not bound by a traditional schedule! Drink something local and special at each of the participating venues this week, while you can.

How To Unlock: 
- Available from August 25th through August 31st, 2013. Raleigh Beer Week (2013)
- Check-in a beer at at least two participating venues (list below). 
- Add your location to your check-in 

Venue Example: 
- Landmark Tavern 
- Raleigh Brewing Company

Friday, August 23, 2013

Apple iPhone 5C: New Leaked Photos

gosip rilis produk terbaru apple di tanggal 10 september makin santer terdengar, kali ini bocoran terbaru foto resmi publikasi produk iphone 5c yang diperkirakan rilis awal september ini. iphone 5c yang merupakan generasi terbaru dari iphone 5 yang berharga murah dengan chasing plastik warma-warni ini melengkapi rumor iphone 5s yang berwarna emas yang juga diperkirakan rilis september ini.

situs "gsm arena" mempublikasikan foto-foto iphone 5c bocoran dari retailer romania di salah satu situs romania sebanyak 5 gambar dengan detail yang jelas termasuk ios 7 yang terpampang jelas.

silahkan simak foto-foto berikut menyambut rilis resmi 10 september:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "Sunderland AFC" @SAFCofficial Badge

Name: Sunderland AFC 

"Wise men say only fools check in, but I can’t help falling in love with you. Thank you for your support! #HawayTheLads #RedandWhiteArmy

How To Unlock: 
- Like "Sunderland AFC on foursquare" 
- Active during Sunderland AFC game. 
- Checkin at their game day. 
- Levelup badge

Venue & Schedule August 2013: 
- 17.08.13: Sunderland vs Fulham at Stadium of Light 
- 24.08.13: Southampton vs Sunderland at St Mary's Stadium 
- 27.08.13: Sunderland vs Milton Keynes Dons at Stadium of Light 
- 31.08.13: Crystal Palace vs Sunderland vs at Selhurst Park

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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Untappd Badge: Sip on Mirror Pond

Name: Sip on Mirror Pond 

"Welcome to Deschutes Brewery's quintessential pale ale. Enjoy the distinct Cascade hop flavor and aroma deftly balanced with a crisp pale malt finish. You’ll be craving another Mirror Pond momentarily."

How To Unlock:
- Active starting August 19th - September 20th, 2013
- Check-in to a Mirror Pond Pale Ale 
- Share a photo of your beer

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The Next iPhone 5S: Gold

penasaran dengan iphone 5s yang berwarna emas (gold) yang bakal dirilis apple di tanggal 10 september 2013? berikut gambar-gambar yang beredar di media internet tentang rumors “the gold iphone 5s”.

pengumuman apple tentang produk baru di tanggal 10 september ini adalah acara yang ditunggu selain akan beredarnya iphone 5s juga ada iphone 5c versi murah dan produk lain. apple 5s juga mengusung fitur2 baru termasuk adanya pemindai sidik jari di bagian home button.

silahkan simak gambar-gambar berikut yang diambil dari imore, macrumors dan bgr.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Yotomo Badge To Celebrate Indonesia's 68th Independence Day #HUTRI68

Name: Indonesia's 68th Independence Day #HUTRI68 

"Happy 17th of August our beloved nation. Proud and get our special badges.

How To Unlock: 
- Active during Indonesia's 68th Independence Day, 17.Aug.2013 
- Checkin anywhere (worldwide) 
- Add comments with hashtag #HUTRI68 
- Share to Twitter and Facebook 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Yotomo Badge To Celebrate Hari #Pramuka 2013

Name: Hari #Pramuka (2013

"One of the skills of modern day boy or girl scout is unlocking our badge. You just did well, congrats."

How to Unlock:
- Active during Hari Pramuka 14 Agustus 2013
- Checkin anywhere
- Add comment about your scout movement activity 
- Add hashtag #Pramuka
- Share to Twitter and Facebook

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Leaked Video New BlackBerry Z30

rumor tentang keberadaan perangkat baru dari blackberry kembali terungkap, kali ini bocoran video blackberry z30 (sebelumnya dikenal dengan kode a10 atau aristo) yang diunggah media dari vietnam di youtube.

dari penampakan blackberry z30 terlihat jelas layar berupa 5-inch AMOLED 295 ppi dengan resolusi 720p (1,280 x 720), prosesor yang digunakan dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, kamera belakang 8-megapixel dan kamera depan 2-megapixel. spesifikasi lain buat blackberry z30 ini berupa baterei dengan 2,800 mAh, 2GB RAM dan internal storage 16GB.

silahkan disimak video penampakan blackberry z30 tersebut:

September 10th for New iPhone(s), Here’s What to Expect

rumor tanggal rilis perangkat baru dari apple sudah terdengar di berbagai media online, tepatnya tanggal 10 september dikabarkan apple bakal memperkenalkan 2 perangkat iphone terbaru (diduga iphone 5s dan iphone 5c).

iphone 5c dikabarkan merupakan iphone low budget dengan harga lebih murah tetapi dengan teknologi terbaru, iphone dengan chasing plastik warna warni menyolok ini diramalkan bakal diserbu peminat gadget apple terutama yang belum pernah menggunakan produk apple sebelumnya. sedangkan perangkat iphone 5s merupakan iphone versi reguler penerus dari iphone 5 dengan perbaikan dan penambahan fitur seperti ekspektasi di halaman the next web:

- Same design as iPhone 5- Apple rumored to be discontinuing production of other phones to focus solely on its upcoming new models.- Same 4 inch screen size but possibly of a different display which …- …may bring better battery life- Better 12-13mp camera with dual-LED Flash- Fingerprint reader- New cheaper iPhone, most likely to be named iPhone 5C with possible new color options, 3.5inch screen and a 5MP camera

In Detail:

Same design as iPhone 5 
The next iPhone should look and feel identical to the iPhone 5. Whilst you would expect all iPhone 5 cases and accessories to work just fine, the 4S and 4 had minor differences in placement that could affect some accessories.

Whilst rumors of multiple colors for a new cheaper iPhone (detailed below) may be true, we think it’s unlikely we’ll see multiple colors (outside of black and white) available for the upcoming iPhone, likely to be named iPhone 5S.

Apple likely to discontinue production of other phones
First reported by Korean site, Apple is likely to discontinue production of its other phones to focus on the new iPhone and its new cheaper iPhone, detailed below.

This is not keeping in trend with previous models which Apple continues to produce and only discontinues after several years. Apparently the iPhone 5′s in-cell screen technology is “not suitable for low-volume production.”

Same 4 inch screen size but possibility of a different display 
The new iPhone display is likely to be identical to its predecessor – 4-inch display and the same 1136 x 640 Retina Display – however according toExtremeTech, the new iPhone is likely to come equipped with Sharp’s IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display which offer a few benefits over conventional displays, namely: better battery life and potentially, reduced cost.

Better battery life & performance
Whilst we can expect to see a better battery life thanks to Sharp’s IGZO display, detailed above, we can also expect battery life thanks to a new A7 Chip and higher capacity battery. MacRumors posted images reportedly detailing the interiors of the new iPhone.

The A7 chip is built by Samsung, Apple’s current archrival, and features much improved processing speed. The higher capacity battery, reportedly 8% higher, has been included in the same iPhone 5 size shell by making the logic board slightly narrower.
Significantly better battery life will be a timely move from Apple consider its recent Macbook Air battery life upgrade that didn’t require a larger design.

12 Mega-pixel slow motion capable camera with dual-LED Flash 
Photos first posted on Chinese Website EXPReview reveal what is believed to be a 12-megapixel camera with a larger aperture for improved low light photography.

The camera is also rumored to include a pill shaped dual-LED flash which should provide better lighting and more accurate color saturation and brightness in photos. A slow motion camera is also likely to be exclusive to the new iPhone, akin to Siri’s appearance in the iPhone 4s.

Slow motion photography requires a camera with a fast frame rate, and a new feature called “Mogul”, spotted by 9to5Mac, appears to allow the camera to capture video at “an exceptionally fast and precise rate.”

Phone 5S Fingerprint Sensor 
One feature that appears to be almost certain to make an appearance on the new iPhone is a fingerprint sensor. The iOS 7 beta 4 release included a reference to the fingerprint sensor along with code that indicates a new biometric sensor will be embedded in the iPhone’s home button.

It’s unclear whether the sensor will be used solely for unlocking the iPhone or perhaps for payments and more. It’s also unclear as to whether Apple will provide an API to allow apps to use the feature.

Apple, naturally, declines to comment on features but it’s telling and timely that the company purchased AuthenTec, a company that makes hardware security sensors, last year.

Cheaper iPhone 
This rumor has been floating round for some time and it looks finally set to become reality. There’s heavy speculation that a lower-cost iPhone will be released. Images posted on French site reveals the name to be iPhone 5c with the “c” representing “colors” as oppposed to “cheap.”

If true, It will be the first time in Apple’s iPhone history that the company has unveiled two handsets in the same month.

It is worth noting however that earlier this year, Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, told Chinese newspaper, the Shanghai Evening News, that ‘despite the popularity of cheap smartphones, this will never be the future of Apple’s products.’

Photo Leaks:

New Untappd Badge For @DCBeerWeek 2013

Name: DC Beer Week (2013) 

"Thanks for supporting DC Beer Week! To see what else DC Beer Week has to offer, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DCBeerWeek or check out our website at Cheers!"

How To Unlock:
- Active During "DC Beer Week", August 11th through August 18th, 2013
- Check-in to two participating venues from List Here
- Add the location to your check-in

Venue Example:

More Untappd Badge:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock @DeltaSigmaPi Badge

Name: Delta Sigma Pi 

"Congrats! Our Founders Harold, Alfred, Alexander and Henry never had a badge like this. All this took was some brotherhood--no initiation required."

How To Unlock:
- Like "Delta Sigma Pi on foursquare
- Active starting 3 August 2013 2013 for The 49th Grand Chapter Congress (GCC)
- Checkin at Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, WA.

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Badge Baru Yotomo Dalam Rangka Hari Raya #IdulFitri, #Mudik Dan #Balik Lebaran 2013

dalam rangka ramadan dan lebaran tahun ini selain badge #sahur dan #bukapuasa, yotomo juga mengeluargan badge #mudik dan #balik serta badge lebaran (hari raya #idulfitri 1434 H). badge #sahur dan #bukapuasa aktif di saat dua kegiatan bulan ramadhan tersebut sedangkan badge #mudik akan terbit mulai H-5 sebelum lebaran dan badge #balik akan terbit setelah lebaran selama satu minggu.

berikut cara unlock badge #mudik, badge lebaran 2013 dan badge #balik lebaran:

#Mudik Lebaran (2013) 
Ayo kita #mudik bertemu kerabat dan bersilaturahmi di kampung halaman.

- Aktif mulai Hari Sabtu (3 Agustus 2013) sampai Kamis (8 Agustus 2013)
- Checkin di mana saja
- Menambahkan shout dengan hashtag #Mudik
- Share ke Twitter dan Facebook

#Balik Lebaran (2013) 
Ayo kita #balik kembali beraktifitas setelah bertemu kerabat dan bersilaturahmi di kampung halaman.

- Aktif mulai Hari Jumat (9 Agustus 2013)
- Checkin di mana saja
- Menambahkan shout dengan hashtag #Balik
- Share ke Twitter dan Facebook

#IdulFitri 1434 H
Selamat Hari Raya #IdulFitri 1434 H, Mohon Maaf Lahir Dan Bathin.

- Aktif mulai Hari Kamis (8 Agustus 2013)
- Checkin di mana saja
- Menambahkan shout wajib Selamat Hari Raya #IdulFitri 1434 H
- Share ke Twitter dan Facebook

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