Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "30 Minutes or Less" Badge

Name: 30 Minutes or Less

"You're either eating a slice of pizza thinking about robbing a bank, robbing a bank wishing you were eating a slice, or robbing a slice while eating a bank. Either way, be sure to catch 30 Minutes or Less, in theaters August 12. Oh yeah, and #DontBlowIt."

How To Unlock: 
Follow "30 Minutes or Less on Foursquare" and check-in to one or more retail locations tagged as banks, food trucks, pizza restaurants, screenings of the Picture and other “tagged” locations, and “unlocking a Picture themed badge

Wells Fargo (San Diego), Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria (San Diego), Bank of America (Chicago) 
and more venues on "30 Minutes or Less on Foursquare"

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