Monday, December 26, 2011

Cling! - How To Unlock Clingle Badges (Part 3)

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Say Cheese!
A photo Cling is worth a 1000 word Clings. You've sent 10 photo Clings! (You do the math)!

How To Unlock: Leave Clings with Photos 10 times (memberikan cling ke teman dengan menambahkan foto sebanyak 10 kali)

Ahhh! You just snatched your first V.I.P titile!

How To Unlock: Overthrow VIP first time (menggulingkan VIP pengguna lain yang pertama kali)

Take what you can, give nothing back!

How To Unlock: Overthrow VIP 10+ times (menggulingkan VIP pengguna lain 10+ kali)

At the library munching the Archimedes’ Principle of Buoyancy!

How To Unlock: Checkin to libraries (cek in di venue kategori perpustakaan)

25 Clings! Cheers! You left some honey and the other bees are running behind it!

How To Unlock: Leave Clings 25 times (memberikan Cling ke teman sebanyak 25 kali)

You travel like it's your Granddad's railroad! That's 5 Railway station Check-ins in a month!

How To Unlock: Checkin to Railway Stations 5 times (cek in di venue kategori Stasiun Kereta sebanyak 5 kali dalam sebulan)

10 days at coffee shops this month. When you mix coffee with Clingle, you get the best blend of good times!

How To Unlock: Checkin to Coffee Shop 10 days (cek in di venue Coffee Shop selama 10 hari dalam sebulan)

To be continued: Part 4
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