Thursday, November 28, 2013

Animated Google Doodle Today To Celebrate Thanksgiving 2013

Google originally shared: 
Here’s a riddle: what would a fox bring to a Thanksgiving feast? Visit to see a motley crew of woodland creatures gather together to enjoy the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from Google!


About Doodle: 
It's Thanksgiving! ... a time to gorge yourself on autumnal foods (the best kind of food). This year, we've celebrated this most scrumptious of holidays with a bite-sized animated film. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let me give thanks to the following amazing individuals who helped me with this doodle: 
 - Kris Hom, engineer/wizard 
- Daniel Steinberg, whose band, The Hillbillies from Mars, recorded the music (Daniel played the flute!)
- Angela Yeung, sound engineer, who graciously let us use the recording facilities at CCRMA 
- Leon Hong, who gave the banjo its "woosh"


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