Friday, July 31, 2015

How To Unlock Swarm Stickers (Part 12), Including New "Family Ties" & "House Party" Stickers

foursquare rolling out new swarm app version with 100 new stickers, some evolved from the old foursquare badges, and a lot of new challenges. like with old foursquare badges, check in where you go to unlock stickers. there is some sticker and how to unlock them. happy checkin and happy unlocking..

 Name: Family Ties
"They've framed your entire life - from your first steps to that epicly awkward prom photo. Here's one more frame to capture this Keaton Family moment"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin anywhere with shout "Family Picture".

Name: House Party
"The rugs are rolled up. The table cleared off. Focus on the back of the cup. Deep breath - you got this. Smooth release.... Kerplunk! SEND 'EM BACK!!!"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin at "Home" venues category with 4 friends. 

Name: Great Outdoor
"Welcome to the Great Outdoos! Behold Mother Nature's true beauty. Now if only she'd drop a double rainbow in the sky. Woooaaahh double rainbow"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin 3 times at "Great Outdoors" venue category

Name: Overshare
"10 check-ins in 12 hours! What's next, posting a screenshot of this sticker to Instagram and Twitter? Go ahead, try it. #swarmovershare"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin 10 times in 12 hours

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