Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Swarm Stickers "Bludolph" and "Bubbles & Slosh" To Celebrate Christmas Day & New Year 2016

foursquare rolling out new swarm app version with 100 new stickers, some evolved from the old foursquare badges, and a lot of new challenges. like with old foursquare badges, check in where you go to unlock stickers. there is some sticker and how to unlock them. happy checkin and happy unlocking..

 Name: Bubbles & Slosh
"Happy New Year! Cheers to all your healthy 2016 resolution! And double cheers to end of January, when you can go back to bragging about your 46 week bar streak"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin anywhere.
- Limited time during End of December 2015 and January 2016

Name: Bludolph
"Naughty or nice? Bludolph doesn't care! We're sending him your way to wish you a Merry Christmas no matter what you've been up to this year!"
How To Unlock: 
- Checkin anywhere and shout "Merry Christmas".
- Limited time during Christmas Day

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