Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Untappd Badges: #GoToWV & Lagunitas Aunt Sally

Name: #GoToWV

"Gettin' a taste of that real mountain flavor! Discover more of West Virginia's wildest 'n most wonderful brews in our beer guide: beer."

How To Unlock:
- Checking in to at least one (1) beer from the list of West Virginia breweries below 
- Active between May 16th - June 21st. 

West Virginia breweries List:
- Charleston Brewing Company 
- North End Tavern 
- Lost River Brewing Company

Name: Lagunitas Aunt Sally

"You remember it like it was yesterday… her citrus suchness a swarm of expectation, her carbonate beauty as satisfying as it was overwhelming, the tart earthiness of her grin… This badge is dedicated to the real Aunt Sally. You know who you are. And you know why."

How To Unlock: 
- Check-in to one (1) Aunt Sally from Lagunitas 
- Active between May 16th - June 13th 

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