Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Foursquare Badge: Louis Vuitton Insider

"Congratulations, you're on your way to become a living Louis Vuitton icon. You really deserve our upcoming surprises and another round of shopping!"

satu lagi badge baru yang dikeluarin foursquare bekerja sama dengan "louis vuitton", badge yang bernama "louis vuitton insider" ini hanya dapat di unlock di beberapa tempat di london, inggris.

cara mendapatkannya, pertama harus follow dulu akun trus cek in di beberapa tempat yang di rekomendasikan halaman foursquare tersebut. salah satu contoh venue adalah di "louis vuitton london".

"Stroll London. Shop at Louis Vuitton. Visit new exhibitions and try on new shoes. Stop for a cappuccino break. Talk about the next fashion show with your friends and learn about London's cultural activities. It's all waiting for you when you befriend the new Louis Vuitton Maison"

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