Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Look Out for New Badges on Google Maps #LocalGuides

Finally Google Maps launch new feature for Local Guides user as the achievement. The previous feature, Leveling ( 1 - 10) and point rewards for your activity as like upload photo, upload video (android user), reviews, ratings, edit, place added, facts checked, answers and Q&A. Now on your Local Guides Profile you can find the special badge achievement.

New achievement badges can unlock by the Google Maps Local Guides with the criteria:

Reviewer: You’ll earn this badge by writing detailed reviews that help people decide where to go.

Photographer: This badge is for sharing photos of places, so others can see the world on Google Maps.

Trailblazer: Here’s the badge for exploring. Earn it by being the first to add, review, or take a photo of a place.

Fact Finder: Earn this badge by checking facts, making edits, and answering simple questions about places to help people find the right information on Google Maps.

By sharing more, you can get upgrades for each one. For example, a Novice Photographer can become an Expert Photographer, and then reach legendary status as a Master Photographer.. Your past contributions will be factored in too, so some of you may have already reached that status!

This feature is rolling out over the next few weeks. To see if it’s on your device right now, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward each badge. Tap each one to see how to earn the more advanced version of your new badge.

Go to "Your contributions" to see if you have one!

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