Thursday, June 12, 2014

Google Celebrate The Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil With Special Google Doodle

There will be a Google Doodle about the FIFA World Cup 2014 on 12th June 2014. Google celebrates the start of the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil. It is the 20th FIFA World Cup take place from June 12th to July 13th. The matches will use goal-line technology for the first time. The first match will be Brazil vs Croatia. Good luck to all!

Google hari ini merayakan launching pertandingan sepak bola dunia World Cup 2014 di Brazil dengan merilis seri pertama Google Doodle dalam bentuk animasi.

Google Doodle seri pertama tersebut berwarna hijau dan kuning sesuai warna bendera Brazil, logo Google bergerak naik turun dengan latar belakang beberapa landmark kota Rio de Janeiro.

Pergelaran pertandingan sepakbola akbar tersebut akan berlangsung 12 Juni sampai 13 Juli 2014 dan Google kemungkinan akan merilis Google Doodle seri berikutnya.

Kita akan update di bawah untuk Google Doodle seri World Cup 2014 berikutnya.

World Cup 2014 #1 (12.06.2014)
Opening Ceremony

The World Cup opening ceremony was so inspiring–and what an unbeleafable coincidence–our next doodle has a dancing tree person too. Congrats Brazil!

We were so startled by the luchador in this doodle we got the Cameroon flag wrong on the first go! #realTimeDoodleProblems

Fans of Spain and Netherlands go head to head!

Every match has winners and losers, but, in the end, it’s the dance off amongst fans that really matters

Practice make perfect–that’s why you’ll see our letters working on their skills from time to time. Looks easy? You try bouncing a ball on your head in an infinite loop!

The only thing more stressful than launching real time doodles is coaching a team in the World Cup. (Uruguay vs Costa Rica)

Join us for the rumble in the jungle! England v Italy.

Having a ball with my dad on Father’s Day!

World Cup 2014 #10 (15.06.2014)
Enjoy your Sunday with some Samba and a agua de coco!

World Cup 2014 #11 (16.06.2014)

World Cup 2014 #12 (16.06.2014)
The football/soccer craze is making waves for...just about everyone.

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