Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Untappd Badges: [How To Unlock] Lite Weight, Heavy Weight, Johnny Appleseed & Heffenista

di layanan "untappd" ada beberapa badge yang tergabung dalam kategori "beer badges" yang didapatkan dengan cara mengkonsumsi bir/ brew dengan kategori atau asal negara tertentu.

berikut cara unlock empat badge berdasarkan kategori bir/ brew yang dikonsumsi yakni "lite weight", "heavy weight", "johnny appleseed" dan "heffenista"

Name: Lite Weight
Message: "Watching your figure? You certainly like your light beer. That’s at least 3 American Light Beers."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 3 American Light Beer seperti Coors Light, Miller Lite, Bud Light

Name: Heavy Weight
Message: "You like it thick and dark. Your beer! What did you think I was talking about? That's at least 10 dark beers."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 10 jenis Dark Beer (silahkan pake search "Dark")

Name: Johnny Appleseed
Message: "Grab a pot and put it on your head because your a modern day Johnny Appleseed. That’s at least 10 cider beers."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 10 jenis Cider (silahkan pake search "Cider")

Name: Heffenista
Message: "It may not be cloudy outside, but your brew definitely is. That's at least 10 hefeweizen beers!"

Status: Active
How To Unlock:  Check-in di 10 jenis hefeweizen (silahkan pake search "hefeweizen")

buat liat cara unlock badge-badge untappd bisa buka link: untappd badges.

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