Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Untappd Badges: [How To Unlock] Power Month, Top Of The Morning, Weekday Warrior, Risk Taker, Drinking Your Paycheck & Taste Crazy

Name: Power Month
Message: "A beer a day will keep the doctor away... or something like that. That’s 30 brews in a month!"

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 30 brew dalam 30 hari (akun harus udah 30 hari umurnya)

Name: Top of the Mornin
Message: "Hair of the dog? You know how to start the day off right. Have at least 5 brews before noon."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 5 brew dari pagi hari sampai sore hari.

Name: Weekday Warrior
Message: "Planning on calling out tomorrow? If not, we’ll be sure to have some coffee ready for you! Drink 5 beers during the week after 10PM."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 5 brew setealh jam 10 malam semalam weekday (Senin - Jumat)

Name: Risk Taker
Message: "You’ve never had it, but you’ll take your friend’s word for it. Try 10 different recommended brews!"

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 10 brew yang direkomendasikan Untappd (list rekomendasi ada di bagian bawah yg bertuliskan "RECOMMENDED BREWS" setelah check in)

Name: Drinking Your Paycheck
Message: "It’s been a long week and you deserve a drink, or five. Besides, isn’t that what your check is for?"

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in di 5 brew pada hari Jumat malam.

Name: Taste Crazy
Message: "Are you crazy? Five different types of beer in one day? Hope you were just sampling."

Status: Inactive (Update: Active Again April 2011)
How To Unlock: Check-in di 5 jenis brew yang berbeda dalam 1 hari.

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