Monday, December 20, 2010

Untappd Badges: Newbie, Beta Drinker, Here Comes the Brew & Hitting the Slopes

Name: Newbie
Message: "So, you’re new around here? Congrats on your first brew! This ones for you."

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in the first time on Untappd

Name: Beta Drinker
Message: "We passed the test! Beers all around! Thank you for your help in making Untappd what it is today!"

Status: Inactive
How To Unlock: Check-in Untappd beta version

Name: Here Comes the Brew
Message: "Weddings are always so nice, especially with an open bar. Let everyone know you’re at a wedding in the comment!"

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in with shout "wedding"

Name: Hitting the Slopes
Message: "Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cold brew inside. Watch out for trees on your way down"

Status: Active
How To Unlock: Check-in at venue "Ski Area" category

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