Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Yotomo Badge: How To Unlock "Football Hangover 2012"

Name: Football Hangover 2012

"You are the real champ :)"

How To Unlock:
- Checkin anywhere (worldwide) during "2012 UEFA Champions League Final", 20.May.2012 starting 1am until 4am WIB
- Shout: Go Bayern or Go Chelsea (only support one team)
- Checkin again at venue category "Coffee Shop" on 20.May.2012 starting 9am-11am WIB to unlock "Football Hangover 2012" badge

- You can redeem "Football Hangover 2012" badge with anykind of coffee at Jakarta Coffee House (20.May.2012, 2pm-6pm WIB)
- For Blackberry and Android user can try new version Yotomo for Blackberry and Yotomo for Android with new features. Just visit Jakarta Coffee House (20,May.2012, 2pm-6pm WIB)

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