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Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "#StartUpBus" Badge

Name: StartupBus 

"Are you a buspreneur? Certainly looks like it! You've checked in with the craziest and most mobile crew in the startup world on the StartupBus."

How To Unlock: 
- Active starting #StartUpBus Kick Off Party (02 March 2013)
- Like "StartUpBus on foursquare" (optional) 
- Checkin at StartUpBus location (list below)

Venue List:
East Coast StartUpBus
Midwest StartupBus
Alumni StartupBus
Mexico StartupBus
Southeast StartUpBus
West Coast StartupBus
ff Venture Capital HQ (add shout #StartUpBus)

StartupBus is back for 2013 and bringing more excitment than ever to a highway (and computer screen) near you. StartupBus brings six buses from the US and Mexico, fills them full of strangers tasked with designing, building, and launching a startup in three days - at 65 MPH en route to Austin, TX. The "Hackers, Hipsters, and Hustlers" that fill the buses accomplish amazing and impossible things in time to pitch to a panel of tech experts and investors. 

Since 2010, we have have been growing our community with our annual Buspreneur competition. For 2013, there are three contests: the Buspreneur Battle, People's Choice Wildcard, and the StartupBus All-Stars Winner. New this year is an Alumni bus that will face-off with the annual Buspreneur Battle winners along with a wildcard team in the StartupBus All-Stars Event to win the biggest prize ever awarded by StartupBus - so big that we are only going to say that one team's lives could be changed forever, and you can see it happen... more deatails will be released soon via

The 2013 StartupBus Americas buses are: 
 East Coast from NYC 
Mexico from Mexico City 
Midwest from Chicago/Columbus 
Southeast from Tampa 
StartupBus Alumni Bus (departing NYC) 
West Coast from San Francisco

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