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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Google Celebrate The Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil With Special Google Doodle (Part 2)

Pertandingan akbar persepakbolaan dunia World Cup 2014 di Brazil masih berlangsung sampai dengan tanggal 13 Juli 2014 dan layanan search engine Google masih terus menerbitkan edisi khusus Google Doodle yang berganti setiap waktu sesuai pertandingan di Brazil.

Melanjutkan postingan sebelumnya di SINI, kali ini kita posting Google Doodle mulai edisi ke 11 sampai edisi 20:

The football/soccer craze is making waves for...just about everyone.

USA & Ghanaian eagles go beak to beak. What an eggcellent game.

Paul The Octopus - Belgium vs Algeria: Belgium

Inspiration from the streets of Rio straight to the homepage.

Chile vs Spain

England vs Uruguay

World Cup 2014 #20 (20.06.2014)

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