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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google Quiz & Doodle To Celebrate #EarthDay2015

dalam rangka hari bumi atau earth day 2015, google merilis google doodle edisi khusus dalam bentuk animasi dan apabila diklik akan menuju halaman pencarian dan terdapat permainan "google doodle earth day quiz" yang juga dapat diakses langsung dari halaman


You can search Google for answers to all kinds of animal questions: What does an aye-aye eat? Where do narwhals live? How long is a toco toucan's beak? And this Earth Day, you can turn to Google for the answer to something that you’ve always needed to know: which animal are you??? 

Clicking on this year’s Earth Day logo (or searching for “Earth Day quiz”) presents one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes: a totally scientific and 1,000% accurate personality quiz. Take the time to answer a few questions to determine and share your Earth Day animal. And, of course, you’re only a search away from learning more about nature’s precious pals and interesting inhabitants (fyi: kakapo is the heaviest parrot).

Happy Earth Day to you today and everyday,

untuk memainkan kuis google doodle edisi earth day ini, pengguna tingkal memilih satu dari 4 gambar pertama, lanjut pilih lagi di halaman berikutnya sampai terlihat hasil akhir binatang yang terpilih.

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