Saturday, July 11, 2015

Google Doodle 12 July 2015: 40th Anniversary of the National Monument of Indonesia

On July 12, 1975, Monas (abbreviation of the Indonesian name Monumen Nasional) opened to the people of Indonesia for the first time.

The bowl at Monas’ base represents Yoni, the philosophical concept of femininity. Rising from the foundation is the Monas’ tall obelisk symbolizing Lingga, the concept of masculinity. Together these pieces form a universally recognizable symbol of unity to commemorate the founding of modern Indonesia.

Kevin Laughlin drew today’s Doodle to represent the phases of construction throughout Monas’ 15 year journey to completion. His Doodle is a three-frame timeline of the National Monument’s creation.
You can celebrate Monas’ dedication by taking a trip back in time through Indonesia’s rich cultural history. Get started by visiting the Museum Nasional Indonesia on the Google Cultural Institute.

Source: Google Doodle

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