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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Untappd Badges: Yard House Annual Beer Review, Malmö Beer Week, Goose Island Migration Week & Revved Up

Name: Yard House Annual Beer Review (2016)

Thank you for checking in to Yard House ­ to find out more about our beer selection, visit at

How To Unlock:
- Check-in to at least three (3) beers from the NEW beer offering at any Yard House location 
- Active Date March 28th - June 5th
- Add the Yard House you’re at as your location for your check-in

Name: Malmö Beer Week (2016)

Skål för Malmö Beer Week! En vecka fylld av aktiviteter i samarbete med krogar, bryggerier och importörer på Malmös alla underbara ölrestauranger. Kolla senaste nytt på Facebook, Instagram och

How To Unlock:
- Check-in to any beer within 5 miles of the city of Malmö 
- Active Date March 28th - April 3rd
- Add location for your check-in

Name: Goose Island Migration Week

Goose Island is landing in your city with some of our favorite and rarest beers. Our brewers, educators, and other goose folks from Chicago will host a variety of special events, so we can meet face to face and celebrate a shared passion for great beer.

How To Unlock:
- Check-in any Goose Island beer in the following cities during the designated months below list. 
- Active Date March 28th - November 28th
- Add location for your check-in

List Of Cities:
March 28th - April 28th: 
Greenville, SC • Columbia, SC • Omaha, NE • Savannah, GA • Oklahoma City, OK • San Diego, CA 
April 28th - May 28th: 
Spokane, WA • Portland, ME • Raleigh, NC • Vancouver, BC • Oakland, CA 
May 28th - June 28th: 
Kansas City, MO • Long Island, NY • Grand Rapids, MI • Monterrey, MX • Albany, NY 
June 28th - July 28th: 
Montreal, QC • Hoboken, NJ • Madison, WI • New Haven, CT 
July 28th - August 28th: 
New Haven, CT • Newport,RI • Indianapolis, IN • Toronto, ON • Burlington, VT • Mexico City, MX • Eugene, OR 
August 28th - September 28th: 
Austin, TX • Des Moines, IA, Richmond, VA 
September 28th - October 28th: 
Richmond, VA • Pittsburgh, PA • Jacksonville, FL • Guadalajara, MX • Cincinnati, OH 
October 28th - November 28th: 
Flagstaff, AZ • Asheville, NC 

Name: Revved Up

How do you take your coffee? Whether Brown or Blonde, it’s always best in beer. Cheers from Revolution Brewery, Upland Brewery, and Dark Matter Coffee!

How To Unlock:
- Check-in to one (1) Revolution Revved Up Coffee Brown AND one (1) Upland Revved Up Coffee Blonde 
- Active durng month of April 

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