Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 Google Doodle Fruit Games - Day 13

August 17, 2016: 2016 Doodle Fruit Games - Day 13

Today marks the 13th day of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games! We’re journeying to an otherwise unassuming fruit stand in Rio where produce from all over the market competes for the title of freshest fruit. To play along, get the latest Google app on Android or iOS, and tap the Doodle. Learn more at and let the games begin! 

 And now, a report from the field covering Day 13 of the action…. 

 This may be the sweetest crossover the Fruit Games have ever seen. Pear's ball-handling skills stem from years of practice in a sunny corner of the orchard. The nearby buds would cheer from their trees as perfectly placed shots fell into the fruit basket. "I had big, juicy dreams back then," said Pear, "and now they're all blossoming!" Don't let the green ap-pear-ance fool you: Pear is ripe and ready to leaf it all on the court!

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