Friday, December 23, 2016

Listen Om Telolet Om Remixes Version By International DJ

since last tuesday afternoon, twitter user and all worldwide social media user have been sharing the unique phrase "om telolet om" from indonesia buses' horns fans.

'telolet' is a word representing the sound of the buses' horns, while 'om' is a term for an older male, like 'uncle' or 'sir' in english. so 'om telolet om' translates as 'sir honk your horn sir'.

the international dj like zedd, the chainsmokers, firebeatz, marshmello, ummet ozcan and more musician and celebrity tweeting "om telolet om" and make the music composition with "om telolet om" themes.

read more about "om telolet om" viral phrase

listen "om telolet om" remix version by international dj:

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