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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Google Doodle Today to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Ujung Kulon Park

Google Doodle: February 26, 2017 
Edition: 25th Anniversary of Ujung Kulon Park

There are only about 50 Javan rhinos left in the world, and today, we honor their home: Ujung Kulon, a wildlife refuge at the westernmost tip of Java. Twenty-five years ago, it was named one of Indonesia’s national parks. Spanning 475 square miles, the lush peninsula and neighboring islands are home to a number of other endangered species, too, including the banteng (wild cattle) and the Javan leopard.

Although the park is just a few decades old, some of the land has been protected for nearly a century. In 1883, the eruption of the nearby Krakatoa volcano left the area covered in ash, wiping out wildlife and forcing all humans to evacuate. The people never returned, but eventually, the plants and animals did. Once the jungle was thriving again, the land was declared a nature reserve in 1921. Now, the park boasts Java’s largest remaining lowland forest, as well as pristine sandy beaches and coral reefs. 

Showing a one-horned rhino splashing with its calf, today’s Doodle pays tribute to the natural beauty and preservation of this important national park.

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