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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Google Doodle To Celebrate 37th Anniversary of Komodo National Park

google doodle indonesia kembali menampilkan logo ciri khas indonesia, hari ini dalam rangka peringatan 37 tahun taman nasional komodo (komodo national park) menampilkan logo google interaktif dalam bentuk games/ kuis bagi pengunjung google indonesia.

setelah buka halaman lagu akan tampil logo berwarna biru bergambar komodo, klik huruf "o" yang kedua dari loggo "google'. jawab pertanyaan "true" atau "false" sesuai pertanyaan... selesikan sampai keseluruhan pertanyaan terjawab... berapa nilai anda?

How much do you know about Komodo dragons? 

Today’s Doodle celebrates the 37th anniversary of Komodo National Park with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge about Its main, reptilian inhabitant: the Komodo dragon! 

Komodo National Park in Indonesia sits at the center of an archipelago and consists mainly of 3 volcanic islands. The landscape is unlike any other, ranging from dry savanna conditions to lush forests, all surrounded by white-sand beaches and bright blue water. 

Although Komodo National Park was created to protect the life of the 5700 Komodo dragons who call it home, the park's scope has now expanded to other native wildlife. In addition to the Timor deer, which is the main source of food for the Komodo dragon, the islands are also the habitat for 72 species of birds, such as the yellow-crested cockatoo. Thousands of fish species swim in the surrounding waters, as well as sea turtles, dolphins, and whales. 

Despite the plethora of native wildlife, Komodo dragons are still what the park is best known for. Thanks to National Parks like Komodo, wildlife can continue to thrive largely uninterrupted by human interference. 

Here's to the Komodo dragon and Komodo National Park's 37th year!

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