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Monday, March 17, 2008

Vector Magic

Vector Magic provides vectorization software and services.

Vector Magic's flagship service is the online auto tracer available on this website. It converts bitmap (aka raster) images into vector images through an easy-to-use web interface - just upload your image and it will guide you through the process.

The difference between bitmap/raster images and vector images is that the former are described by pixels - squares of color - while the latter are described by shapes - a mathematical description of the image that can be scaled without making it blurry or "pixelated" (that blocky look that bitmap/raster images so often get when scaled up).

Vector images are used in most aspects of graphic design and are the preferred format for printing, both on paper and on clothes. The reason for this is that while a bitmap/raster image can look great on the screen, which usually has a resolution of about 72 pixels/dots per inch (DPI), it will normally have to be scaled by a factor of 8 or more when printed since modern printers routinely produce resolutions of 600 pixels/dots per inch. Vector images can handle this type of scaling without any problems while bitmap/raster images struggle with it.

Vector images are also used on the web in for example flash animations.

The conversion process as such is called tracing or vectorization and is something that has historically been done mostly by hand. An automated tool like the Vector Magic web service can make this otherwise tedious task quick and painless.

Vector Magic: Layanan online yang memberikan kemudahan dalam melakukan proses gambar menjadi vertor dalam sekejap dengan hasil yang sangat memuaskan, pasalnya kita hanya peng-upload gambar dan tunggu beberapa saat maka hasil akan langsung ditampilkan di halaman website. Dukungan format yang dapat digunakan yaitu JPEG, GIP, PNG, BMP dan TIFF, dan dapat kita download dalam format EPS, SVG, PDF dan PNG. Jika belum puas dengan gambar vektor yang dihasilkan rekan dapat mengedit sendiri gambar secara manual.


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