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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "Rally to Restore Sanity" & "March to Keep Fear Alive" Badges

ada 2 badge baru hari ini di washington dc seperti tweet beberapa hari yang lalu di @tamtomo2 pada saat pertunjukan duo comedy central the daily show yakni rally to restore sanity dari john stewart dan march to keep fear alive dari stephen colbert.

acara berlangsung hari ini tanggal 30 oktober 2010 mulai jam 3 sore di the national mall washington dc amrik. untuk mendapatkan kedua badge ini terlebih dahulu harus follow halaman the daily show untuk badge rally to restore sanity dan halaman colbert report untuk unlocke badge kedua march to keep fear alive.

berikut rinciannya:

Name: Rally to Restore Sanity
Message: "You've joined Jon Stewart to bring America back to reasonableness. You're probably not the badge-wearing type, but we figured this little electronic one was pretty discreet."

Follow Brand: The Daily Show
Venue: Rally to Restore Sanity
Unlocked badge: here

Name: March to Keep Fear Alive
Message: "You stood with Stephen Colbert to help beat back the forces of sanity! Wear this badge proudly and remember to always... shh! What's that? I think there's someone behind you. Run!!!"

Follow Brand: The Colbert Report
Venue: March to Keep Fear Alive
Unlocked Badge: here
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