Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "NBC Politics" Badges

Name: Political Wonk

"Congrats on earning Political Wonk status! With the presidential election in full swing, your friends are lucky to have your political smarts handy. Keep getting your wonk on at"

Name: Campaign Advisor

"With 2 locations from the 2012 trail, you've just been promoted to Campaign Advisor. Now get started on strategizing that path to victory. Up first, inspiring rally speech. The crowd will love you!"

Name: Chief of Staff

"Wow, you've been to 3 locations from the 2012 presidential race! Looks like we've found a political trailblazer ready to take on the Beltway. Now go make us proud and save us a seat at your induction."

How To Unlock:
- Follow "NBC Politics on Foursquare"
- Checkin to their list tips (3 venues)

Venues List:
- The White House
- United States Capitol Building
- NBC New Washington Bureau

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