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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Foursquare NFL Badge: How To Unlock "Jacksonville Jaguars"

Name: Jacksonville Jaguars 

"They're on the prowl and they're feeling bold. Get ready for some teal, black, and gold. Go Jaguars!

How To Unlock: 
- Like "Jacksonville Jaguars on foursquare"
- Active during Jacksonville Jaguars game on NFL, schedule
- Checkin at "Jacksonville Jaguars" game day venue and choose event (list bellow)
- Leveling Badge, always checkin during their game day.
- Must real checkin with foursquare apps for android, iPhone, BlackBerry or the other mobile apps or via Fake Location on your device/ PC.
- Need real checkin? you can use Location Spoofer (Android), LocationHolic (iPhone jailbreak) or via personal computer (install BlueStack Android emulator and Location Spoofer or Fake GPS)

List Venue and Schedule:
21.10.12, 4:25 PM (22.10.12, 03:25 AM WIB): Jacksonville Jaguars vs Oakland Raiders at Coliseum, link venue
(Long-Lat: 37.75141203122262,-122.200927734375)

28.10.12, 01:00 PM (29.10.12, 00:00 AM WIB): Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, link venue
(Long-Lat: 44.50123457327956,-88.06215763092041)

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Screenshot Android + Location Spoofer:

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