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Pokémon Go Tips: Hatching Eggs & Finding Out Which Pokémon Are Inside

As well as catching pokémon in their natural habitats, like car parks, churches, and by the trolleys at the supermarket, you can also hatch them from eggs.

First off, you want to get yourself an egg or two, and to do that, you need to visit pokéstops. If you keep getting pokéballs, just persevere.

When you start out you’ll find an egg incubator in your inventory. It has unlimited uses but can only incubate one egg at a time, so if you find that eggs are scarce, it’s not too much of a problem as the incubators are even more so.

You can buy additional incubators in the shop, or receive them as a reward for levelling up. With the exception of the infinite use incubator you start out with, they have three uses before they break. As you start to collect more eggs, you might want to drop some pokécoins on a couple more.

There are three types of eggs, each with an attached distance requirement you have to meet before they hatch – bear in mind that you can’t cheat by driving (unless you’re going at the speed of a milk float), so you’ll need to walk, cycle, or utilise some other form of really slow transportation to travel either 2km, 5km, or 10km to hatch them.

The distance you cover applies to all of eggs that you have incubating, so have as many on the go as you can. You may want to do them in batches of equal distances, or mix and match to have a guaranteed new pokémon every 2km.

The more common pokémon are found in the 2km eggs, with the rarest in the 10km, while the largest variety can be found in the 5km eggs. Be sure to have your app open or you will have wasted all of that time in the fresh air for nothing.

Of course there’s an element of chance involved in what kind of pokémon will come bursting out of an egg, but we’ve sorted them by egg type so you’ve got a better idea of what’s in store.

2 kilometre eggs

Bulbasaur - Charmander - Squirtle - Caterpie - Weedle - Pidgey - Rattata - Spearow - Pikachu - Clefairy - Jigglypuff - Zubat - Geodude - Magikarp

5 kilometre eggs

Ekans - Sandshrew - Nidoran♀ - Nidoran♂ - Vulpix - Oddish - Paras - Venonat - Diglett - Meowth - Psyduck - Mankey - Growlithe - Poliwag - Abra - Machop - Bellsprout - Tentacool - Ponyta - Slowpoke - Magnemite - Farfetch’d - Doduo - Seel - Grimer - Shellder - Gastly - Drowzee - Krabby - Voltorb - Exeggcute - Cubone - Lickitung - Koffing - Rhyhorn - Tangela - Kangaskhan - Horsea - Goldeen Staryu Mr. Mime Tauros Porygon

10 kilometre eggs

Onix - Hitmonlee - Hitmonchan - Chansey - Scyther - Jynx - Electabuzz - Magmar - Pinsir - Lapras Eevee - Omanyte - Kabuto - Aerodactyl - Snorlax - Dratini

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