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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Viral Video Of The Week: Nasi Padang from Norwegian Musician

Nasi Padang ... is one of the music videos that are trending on YouTube Indonesia this week. The music video from Norwegian musician "Kvitland" or "Audun Kvitland Rostad" after three weeks traveling in Indonesia last September. Nasi Padang by Kvitland now available on YouTube, iTunes and Spotity. Log on SoundCloud to listen and download Nasi Padang free version.

Taken from Kvitland website:
"This summer I was traveling in Indonesia for three weeks. It was one of the best travel experiences I have had so far. A country with beautiful breath taking nature, colorful corals, welcoming and generous people, and last but not least the amazing food! On my last day in Jakarta, I tasted Nasi Padang. It was the best meal on the trip, and when I came home to Norway, I decided to show some love back to this amazing country and made this song as a tribute to Indonesia and Nasi Padang."

Don't forget to watch Nasi Padang parodi version below:

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