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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Foursquare NFL Badge: How To Unlock "New England Patriots" Badge

Name: New England Patriots 

"This is our house. These are my people, mister, this is my town. This is our house. Ain't nobody know we're gonna knock it down. GO PATS!!

How To Unlock: 
- Like "New England Patriots on foursquare
- Active during New England Patriots game on NFL, schedule
- Checkin at "New England Patriots" game day venue and choose event (list bellow)
- Leveling Badge, always checkin during their game day.
- Must real checkin with foursquare apps for android, iPhone, BlackBerry or the other mobile apps or via Fake Location on your device/ PC.
- Need real checkin? you can use Location Spoofer (Android), LocationHolic (iPhone jailbreak) or via personal computer (install BlueStack Android emulator and Location Spoofer or Fake GPS)

List Venue and Schedule:
11.11.12, 1:00 PM (12.11.12, 1:00 AM WIB): Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots at Gillete Stadium, link venue
(Long-Lat: 42.090898088778104,-71.26436233520508)

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Screenshot Android + Location Spoofer:

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