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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foursquare University Badges: Quad Squatter, Campus Explorer, Bookworm Bender, Munchies & Smells Like School Spirit

tanggal 31 januari 2011 ini foursquare mengumumkan ada 5 buah badge campus (atau dulu dikenal dengan badge asu/ arizona state university) berlaku di seluruh dunia termasuk di indonesia meskipun kampus atau sekolah-nya tidak bergabung dengan "foursquare on campus".

ada 5 buah badge yang dapat diunlock tanpa follow brand manapun dan dapat diunlock di beberapa kampus/ sekolah dan beberapa tempat di indonesia yang memenuhi persyaratam.

berikut rincian kelima badge tersebut dan cara unlock-nya:
Name: Quad Squatter
Message: "That's your 10th check-in at the Quad. Either you're majoring in Botany, or you just gave up on class altogether."

How To Unlock: Check-in to venue category "Quad/ Commons" 10 times (10 kali di venue gambar toga)

Name: Campus Explorer
Message: "You've travelled far and wide to explore every corner of campus - all without getting scurvy. Magellan's got nothing on you!"

How To Unlock: Check-in to 10 different venues category "University" (10 venue berbeda bergambar toga)

Name: Bookworm Bender
Message: "Looks like you're throwing a late night bender at the library. Ain't no party like a Pythagorean Theorem party!"

How To Unlock: Check-in to venue category "Library" (1 kali venue perpustakaan bergambar toga)

Name: Munchies
Message: "Nom Nom Nom. That's 5 check-ins at campus dining halls. You must be a Grilled Cheese connoisseur. You deserve a TV Show!"

How To Unlock: Check-in to venue category "Cafetaria" 5 times (5 kali venue cafetaria/ kantin bergambar toga)

Name: Smells Like School Spirit
Message: "Whoa! That's your 5th check-in showing your school pride. You're a super fan! Now remember to wash off that face paint before you go to bed - huge mistake!"

How To Unlock: Check-in to venue category "Stadium" 5 times (5 kali venue stadion/ sport hall bergambar stadion)
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