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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Flappy Bird Game Over After Make $50.000 Revenue A Day

Starting tomorrow sunday, the fenomenal mobile game "Flappy Bird" will be shut down and remove from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Don Nguyen, creator and developer "Flappy Bird" announce Saturday afternoon via Twitter @dongatory.

Don Nguyen also tweet that he didn't sell "Flappy Bird" and will continue to make games. The last update, Flappy Bird addition new bird, new UI elemants and remove share button from "Flappy Bird game over" screen.

Since its release, Flappy Bird has been surprise success, downloaded more than 50 million times and pulls in an average of $50,000 in ad revenue a day. Flappy Bird features minimalistic controls and requires players to shoot a bird through a maze of pipes.

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