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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "PA Shooflyer, PA Retail Polka and PA 4 Score & 7" Badges

menyambut rilisnya badge baru dari "visitpa" yakni "pa groundhog day" tanggal 2 februari 2011 ini, kita bahas 3 badge lama dari kawasan pennsylvania ini yakni "pa shooflyer", "pa retail polka" dan "pa 4 score & 7".

untuk unlock ke 3 badge tersebut terlebih dahulu follow halaman "visitpa on foursquare" di alamat

Name: PA Shooflyer
Message: "Nice job eating your way through PA! Yummm, keystone"

How To Unlock: Check-in 3 or more times at VisitPA’s recommended Foursquare venues as you dine throughout your visit. (cek in 3 kali di venue tempat makan/ food).
Venue List: PA Shooflyer Venue
Example: Italian Market, Chinatown, Geno's Steaks

Name: PA Retail Polka
Message: "Somebody likes their tax-free shopping in PA. Hey, there's more where that came from."

How To Unlock: Check-in to 3 or more of of VisitPA’s recommended 4sq shopping spots throughout the state. (cek in 3 kali di venue belanja/ shopping)
Venue List: PA Retail Polka Venue
Example: Macy*s, Midtown Village, Sage Gallery

Name: PA 4 Score & 7
Message: "Nice job soaking up all that PA history. Look out Alex Trebek."

How To Unlock: Check-in to 3 or more of VisitPA’s recommended Foursquare history venues as you explore the state. (cek in 3 kali di venue tempat bersejarah/ history di Pennsylvania)
Venue List: PA 4 Score & 7 Venue
Example: Independence Hall, National Constitution Center, Walnut Street Theatre

Unlocked Badges: @PC_holic 
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