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Saturday, April 19, 2014

LinkedIn Announce 300 Million Member In The World

LinkedIn, salah satu layanan social network khusus business-oriented mengumumkan jumlah anggotanya yang sudah mencapai 300 juta anggota dan lebih dari setengahnya adalah member LinkedIn yang berasal dari luar Amerika Serikat.

Deep Nishar, salah satu Vice President LinkedIn mengumumkan milestone 300 juta LinkedIn ini di blog LinkedIn dan menurutnya LinkedIn akan memperluat layanan mobile untuk menjangkau 3,3 miliar angkatan kerja di seluruh dunia. Saat ini traffic LinkedIn setengahnya berasal dari perangkat mobile dibanding desktop, setiap hari rata-rata ada 15 juta profile views, 1.45 juta job views dan 44 ribu lamaran kerja dari 200 negara menggunakan perangkat mobile.

Saat ini LinkedIn sedang mengembangkan aplikasi mobile LinkedIn berbagai platform, sedangkan di awal tahun ini melakukan ekspansi ke China dengan merilis beta version LinkedIn new Simplified Chinese site untuk menjangkau 140 juta pekerja profesional di China.

Silahkan bagi pengguna mobile  bisa download aplikasi LinkedIn di App Store, Google Play Store, BlackBerry dan Windows Phone. Jangan lupa add connections saya di

Berikut Infographic yang dirilis LinkedIn beserta postingan blog LinkedIn tentang The Next Three Billion milestone:

We are excited to announce that we reached a big milestone today: there are now more than 300 million LinkedIn members in the world! More than half of these members come from outside of the U.S., while there are 100 million members in the U.S. While this is an exciting moment, we still have a long way to go to realize our vision of creating economic opportunity for every one of the 3.3 billion people in the global workforce.

To get there, we are delivering personalized experiences built around members and their identity, network and knowledge. We believe this focus will give us the ability to better help each of our members achieve their professional goals. This strategic shift has already come to life through our content products. To give our members access to all business knowledge they need to be great at what they do, we have brought together content from millions of publishers through Pulse, Influencer posts from approximately 500 of the leading minds in business, and most recently, our millions of members, as we continue to roll out our publishing platform and expand LinkedIn Groups and SlideShare.

We know mobile is critical. Later this year, we are going to hit our mobile moment, where mobile accounts for more than 50 percent of all global traffic. Already, our members in dozens of locations including Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, use LinkedIn more on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. Every day we see an average of 15 million profile views, 1.45 million job views and 44,000 job applications in over 200 countries through mobile.

In anticipation of the mobile moment, two years ago, we started developing multiple LinkedIn mobile apps to fit the different needs of our diverse members. Each of these apps is customized and tailored to a member-specific use case. As we expand our mobile app portfolio, such as our new SlideShare app, we’re also focused on bringing on top-notch partnerships with companies likeApple, Nokia, Samsung and others. You’ll see more strategic pairings throughout the course of this year.

We already have a strong presence around the world and will continue to invest in building out the experiences we offer to our members in key countries. Earlier this year, we expanded our presence in China with the launch of a beta version of our new Simplified Chinese site. Our goal is to connect the more than 140 million Chinese professionals with each other and the global workforce.

Our global footprint gives us the necessary elements to build the world’s first Economic Graph. As we continue to grow, we’ll be able to keep improving this valuable map of the connections between people, companies, jobs, skills, educational institutions and professional knowledge in the global economy.

As we’ve grown the value we deliver to our members has increased, the way they use our products has changed and our membership has become more diverse. The below infographic gives you a visual picture of how our network of professionals has grown and evolved over the last five years.

Reaching 300 million members is a milestone on a journey, and we know we still have a long way to go.

Source: LinkedIn Blog

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