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Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Foursquare Expertise Badge: How To Unlock "I Scream" Badge For Ice Cream Addicts

Finally Foursquare release new expertise badge for Ice Cream addict, starting now you can unlock "I Scream" badge at your favourites Ice Cream Shop.  Don't forget to level up "I Scream" badge by visiting 5 new places.

Name:  I Scream 

" scream, we all scream for ice cream! After all, pure bliss is a mere brainfreeze away. So whether you go classic cone or sundae-style with all the fixin's, we won't judge. Unless it's frozen yogurt. Unacceptable."

Badge Category: 
- Expertise Badge with level up
- Active all time (unlimited time) around the world (global)

How To Unlock: 
- Checkin to venues with category "Ice Cream Shop" (3 times the same venue or 5 different venues and explore more venues to the higher level)
- List venue:
- Icon venue:

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