Monday, June 6, 2011

GetGlue Tips: New Check-in Stickers (Legend, Hero and Superhero)

Name: Check-in Legend

Message: "Checking-in 250 times is no small feat. What task will you conquer next?"

How To Unlock: Checking-in 250 times on GetGlue

Name: Check-in Hero

Message: "You've reached 500 check-ins on your epic quest to share what you're watching, listening to, and reading!"

How To Unlock: Checking-in 500 times on GetGlue

Name: Check-in Superhero

Message: "You may appear mild-mannered, but hitting 1,000 check-ins proves you have superpowers. What have you chosen for your superhero name?"

How To Unlock: Checking-in 1000 times on GetGlue

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