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Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Foursquare Badge: How To Unlock "SuperConnected" Badge

Name: SuperConnected

Message: "Looks like someone's definitely got their thumb on the pulse of Singapore's urban lifestyle! Now pop over to for a chance to win exclusive prizes!"

How To Unlock: Follow SUPERMODELME and check-in to club, restaurant and landmark (list tips foursquare supermodelme and clue at webisodes) --> List Below

Untuk unlock badge ini perlu mengikuti webisode yang tayang setiap hari kamis malam di channel KIX (9:30pm Singapore) dan di Indovision channel 161 (8:30pm WIB).

Untuk tayangan tanggal 17.03.11 lalu ada clue venue:

Untuk tayangan 24.03.11 ada clue venue: 

Untuk tayangan 31.03.11 ada clue venue:
Tambahan venue buat unlock "SuperConnected"

Daftar lengkap Venue buat Unlock SuperConnected:
(check-in bebas waktunya dan bisa tak berurutan, semua venue bisa menjadi tempat unlock)
How To Unlock "SuperStyle" Badge: Click Here
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