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Friday, March 28, 2014

Facebook Messenger for iOS Update V.4.0 With New Groups & Forwarding Features

Facebook today launch new version Facebook Messenger for iOS V.4.0 with new features ability to create and manage groups of contacts with the app. You can name the groups, set group photos and keep them all in one place.

The other feature is the ability to forward message or photo to new recipient, just tap to forward the message. Facebook Messenger for iOS V.4.0 has update a general bug fixes and more improvements too.

You can upgrade and download Facebook Messenger for iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via Apple's App Store.

Change log:
- Groups: Now you can create groups for the people you message most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.
- Forwarding: Want to send a message or photo to someone who isn't in the conversation? Just tap to forward it.
- Plus, continued improvements to make the app faster and more reliable.

Source: App Store

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