Monday, March 31, 2014

Google+ Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff

Salah satu kejutan bulan April dari Google+ adalah adanya layanan Auto Awesome Photobombs dengan tampilnya aktor David Hasselhoff di foto yang kita upload. Fitur Google+ Auto Awesome sebelumnya sudah ada sebelumnya dengan adanya foto yang kita upload dan akan dibuatkan secara otomatis oleh Google+ dalam bentuk gambar animasi GIF.

Berikut rilis resmi dari Google blog:

Google+ Auto Awesome is all about fun surprises that bring your photos to life. And whether it’s Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oscars or Michelle Obama at the White House, a celebrity photobomb is the ultimate surprise, turning an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. 

Now with Auto Awesome Photobombs, you too can get a celebrity photobomb—no red carpet required. We’re starting with surprise appearances by +David Hasselhoff, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard.

Upload a new self-portrait, or a group photo with friends, and leave some room for The Hoff. He might just make your photo a little more #Hoffsome

Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff
Google+ Auto Awesome 

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